Typis Belgis

One of the first and great Electronic Body Music compilations was Welcome to the Technodrome (1989). I loved the track on it called Aimless by Typis Belgis. By the wonders of the internet I discovered another song by the band called Dark Horse. Discogs has an album listed called Deodorant Voor De Derde Oksel which was released on cassette. If anyone has it I would love to hear it!

“Typis Belgis began in the late 80’s as a dark underground electronic bodytobodymusic-project between Hans P1. , Rik S’ex. and Thierry V6. . After making several compilations and numerous gigs they are considert as being one of the founders for what’s later been called New Beat and other styles of electronic music. After they split up, rumors of a possible comeback were never been confirmed.” – padas2

For more info: discogs.com/artist/Typis+Belgis

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  1. Gotta say that ‘deodorant voor de derde oksel’ has to be one of the most coolest album titles ever!! (translated: deodorant for the third armpit)

  2. Hey,

    I think I have that cassette “Deodorant voor de derde oksel” somewhere in a dark shoebox with memeories from the 80’s :-) I will look after it next weekend, nostalgy!!! I used to be the girlfriend from the singer Hans P. :-) that time they made that cassette.

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