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Propellerhead’s Figure for iOS has been released on the App Store (link). For less than a dollar you get some of the Reason sound engine in a pocket touch interface. When you first load it up you can a modern looking interface with a mini 808/303/Melody combo. Within a minute you can “figure” out the interface easily changing patterns and manipulating the sound. I’ve been playing with the App and yes it’s very fun as advertised.

“World-class synths? Sure. Beast of a drum machine? Totally. But here’s what matters most: Figure is fun.” –

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10 thoughts on “Propellerhead Figure”

  1. Obviously it’s very limited compared to “proper” music tools, but it’s a lot of fun to play with! I think they’ve got the right idea, starting off small, simple, fun and cheap to test the water then move into more advanced stuff (I hope!) as they figure out what works and what doesn’t for users. As much as it’d be cool to have the full Reason on iPad, I like that they’re doing something really creative and unique without compromising on the sound quality and think it bodes well for the future. It renders really well scaled up on the new iPad too. Definitely needs ACP and save though!

  2. It received a 10/10 for gayness! Use proper electronic music tools to make music, not some gay ass phone or ipad. WEAK SAUCE!

  3. I totally dig it, but utterly agree with Tom D’s comments. No save patterns and no audio output (yet?!). I was actually rather annoyed by that – over lunch break. But as a start, I think it’s pretty hot. Stamba’s track is cool – but it’s obviously been post-processed.

    1. Sounds like it could all be done in Figure with a bit of practice to me, which bits did you think sound post-processed?

  4. Sure, you are right guys! It’s not only Figure, as I’ve described it on Soundcloud, it’s going thru Alesis Bitrman (with decimator/bit reducer effect) and there is some Reverse Gate added by Boss SE-50. :)

  5. I’ve had fun playing with it so far… so far it’s been the most convenient method for me to fill my octatrack with loops since I have very little material already recorded. definitely worth it for 99 cents.

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