Rob Papen Blade

Rob Papen has another soft synth out called Blade. It has some morphing additive XY tricks. I haven’t tried it myself yet but most of the Papen is stuff is good especially because all the products come with a zillion presets. I’m not sure ir it’s true or not but interestingly it says on the Rob Papen site he’s a Christian Music artist.

“At the heart of BLADE, ready to twist and transform your musical mind, lies the Harmolator. An additive synthesis system, which rather than using the system of changing additive partials, uses global controls which capture the essence of additive synth in an intuitive way making the creation of sounds much easier than using other additive synths. The nine Harmolator controls allow you to create a vast range of sounds so you get all the amazing sounds that additive synthesis can generate with the added simplicity of traditional subtractive synthesis. The Harmolator allows oscillator spreading, fattening the sound and also square / sine wave sub-oscillator. What’s more, the sound can be modified further by the 21 per-voice distortions types and 14 filter types.” –

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