I sat on the fence for a long while before purchasing Max for Live. I now find it an indispensable tool in my arsenal. I’ve yet to try this new Supacut freebie but it looks tasty.

“Inspired by the classic beat effect plugins LiveCut and SupaTrigga, Ned Rush designed Suparcut for Max for Live. Suparcut’s parameters, including beat loops of various lengths and classic stretching and pitching effects, can either be sequenced or controlled by probability sliders.” –

Get the free device:

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Oliver Chesler

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4 thoughts on “Supacut”

  1. Oliver, could you please explain in another blog post why find M4L now “indispensable” in your setup, would be be great to understand how you use it.

  2. tried it and it’s a great one! Reminds me of the glitch plugin I used to have on windows (when I was still using windows), which I was actually quite missing until now. This one is even better, since it has this very handy probability settings.
    I had a problem when I first launched it, the plugin would appear empty and live crashed, but now it seems to run just fine.

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