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With popularity comes pain. Well ok that was a bit dramatic. What I’m trying to say is as Wire to the Ear continually gains readership as my Google Analytics tells me it does so does comment spam. In fact comment spam here has become insanely high. Most days the site is under a constant attack and Akismet gets bogged down and holds thousands of these spam comments in a cue. This means if you left a message I probably won’t see it for 24 hours. Another “problem” is about 80% of the comments and discussion on these blog posts are happening on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. I’m considering switching to a third party commenting system such as Facebook Connect, Disqus or Livefyre. I have some issues with switching. First, I don’t want to use a system that keeps the Wire to the Ear comments and doesn’t allow them to flow back into the Wire to the Ear database. Years down the road the commenting system may go away so it would be nice if the comments could revert back. I like the idea of Facebook Comments but correct me if I am wrong… that would mean someone would have to have a Facebook account right? I know a few people who do not (like my brother). Livefyre seems nice because it grabs comments from other places and brings them back here. Finally, I dislike the design of most of these systems. Wire to the Ear is super clean and I like it. So what do you the readers think? Should I try a commenting system or just leave things the way they are? After all it’s your comments that make this site fun.

“For the first time ever, bring the conversation happening on Facebook and Twitter directly to your content, where it belongs. Make your site the hub of community activity.” – livefyre

For more info: Facebook Connect, Disqus, Livefyre

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14 thoughts on “Comments Please”

    1. Yeah I agree. I’ve thought about this a few times over the years but just stick with the way it is. But there are some posts where I had 20+ comments on Facebook and none here. The recent spam storms are really frustrating me. It’s probably the commenting systems themselves generating the spam so everyone has to switch to them!

  1. hmm yeh I think actually maybe emm – ok now I think you should do it – cos at least if you have the fb posts appear in here, this could remain the ‘central repository’ instead of comments being split in two – on second thoughts maybe I was wrong – I do like having my little avatar here though :).

    I’ve actually missed all the spam storms .

    sorry if ive only added to confusion now :p

  2. Oliver, I’m enjoying Disqus on my site and it’s kinda cool how it remembers your own personal comments in a single account. Nice for monitoring any late night drunk commenting you may be guilty of :)

    1. I’ve heard people like it. I’ve had Disqus in 3rd place because I read some people were having issues but also the comments live in Disqus and can never come back to WordPress. But they are big enough they aren’t going anywhere so… I’ll have to look more into the customization and not drinking heavily and commenting.

  3. We switched back to WordPress comments and added the most common spam topics to our Comment Blacklist in the Settings – Discussion page of WordPress. That + Akismet catches about 150,000 spams per month at Synthtopia.

    We have some style sheet issues to resolve still -but thats a separate issue.

    Good luck with the spam problem!

    1. Thanks for the chime in James… your readership must be 10x what’s here and if your managing to keep the WordPress system maybe I need to check the Comment Blacklist carefully.

  4. My vote is for Disqus. Facebook doesn’t exist for me. Disqus allows users to use their twitter, google or facebook accounts.

  5. I don’t have Facebook and I plan on keeping it that way (and it seems I’m not alone). From a user point of view Disqus seems to be working fine (though on some sites it asks to me to log in every time, which is a bit annoying)

    1. I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews concerning Disqus’s performance. Right now I think I’m going to either stick with the native WordPress install or try Livefyre for a week and see how it goes.

  6. i recommend disqus. it imports all of your current comments and sends new ones back to your database too. and it left people comment using their facebook and / or twitter, etc. also its very good at catching spam!

  7. I guess I nearly always read here (I, too, love the clean format!) and so I nearly always comment at the source – HERE. :) I love your blog… now if I could only figure out how to better focus/manage where I wish to go with mine. (ha!)

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