I have large boxes of music memorabilia going back to the early 80s. I have all the backstage passes and anything else I could grab from my time on the Depeche Mode 101 tour. Boxes of obscur fanzines featuring anything I could find on EBM acts. Huge boxes of flyers some going back as far as the “IT” club (above the World on Houston St…. remember that?). It’s impossible to get it all into digital form in one sitting so as I slowly get to it I will share it with you here.

“A souvenir (from French, for a remembrance or memory), memento, keepsake or token of remembrance is an object a person acquires for the memories the owner associates with it.” – Wikipedia

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5 thoughts on “Memorabilia”

  1. I worked with an english girl at the Palladium who swore up and down that she was on that tour. I didn’t believe her until one day years later I popped in the dvd and there she was. I was stunned.

  2. Nice Post! Huge collector of old ebm, techno, industrial memorabilia as well. Still have tons of old ‘zines too. Love going back and reading interviews with bands who talk about their process of recording said album, then listening to/or speaking of their new album and realizing perhaps how time, gear and progression have assisted their ideas.

    Do you remember the insert catalog pages Wax Trax used to put into all their records?

    Look forward to seeing more from your collection.

    1. Yes of course… I have mountains of Wax Trax and the inserts! The inserts were a big reason I included inserts in my early releases (until the internet made it useless to bother).

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