Well I think it’s safe to say we went from a drought of inexepensive real analog synths to completely saturated. Studio Electronics has jumped onto the table with the Boomstar. The new guy comes in 4 filter types: 4075-classic Arp 2600, 5089-classic Moog 24db ladder, SEM-classic Oberheim 12db, 303-classic Roland TB-303. See that first type? The 4075? That’s a flavor we haven’t seen in anything inexpensive/new/reliable yet. That’s the one to get! $799.

“This new blazing brainchild of STUDIO ELECTRONICS represents the design collective ethos of circuit and software “Saseong” Tim Caswell, tactile layout and lead feature specialist Greg St. Regis, graphic and sound consultant Marc St. Regis, art design wizard of vector truth, John Greczula, cool-headed concept leader Geoff Farr and our relentless and wise feature and functionality consultant and “Whip”, Drew Neumann.” –

For more info:

via matrixsynth


  1. more sex appeal than the rack mount

    funny how the industry is going table top


  2. i was thinking about buying the Minibrute but i think i’ll take this one instead


  3. phattest rap beatz March 22, 2012 at 7:38 pm

    so beast
    still wish there was a keyless minibrute though


  4. digitalbeatsyndrome March 27, 2012 at 3:31 pm

    Its a fad… you’d think they’d have patch memory by now… oh but the knobs resolution will suck then… w’sup with OSC or high res MIDI implemented ?

    get a doepfer beauty case and some budget modules off eBay for a fraction of the cost.. and it will be fully modular too… Minibrute was lacking for me… no envelope routing to pitch booo…


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