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My favorite pro-audio magazine Sound on Sound is now available on the iPad. As a print subscriber I wish they would give me a discount (or free) subscription. It will be tough to choose which way I go once my dead tree subscription is over. So far I haven’t enjoyed magazines on my iPad. Maybe the retina display and speed of the new iPad will change that. It’s definitely is nice to have on page audio clips available for a magazine like this. The timing of this release is also good because the FAA is also reviewing it’s policy on e-Readers on airplanes and traveling with a print issue and an iPad starts to get hefty. $4.99 per issue. $39.99 for 12 months.

“The iPad edition contains all the editorial content of the print magazine, enhanced with audio and other interactive media. This is a fully bespoke App, specifically developed to optimise the reading and viewing experience within the e-reader medium — not just PDFs of the print pages, so no scrolling required just to read a column of text!” –

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4 thoughts on “Sound on Sound iPad Edition”

  1. Perfect! Looking forward to getting this as soon as I’m home – it’s also about half the price of a subscription :))

  2. Looks like a pretty nice app – much better than the PDF’d print page style ones they mention. Not read SoS for ages so I’m very happy to see there’s a free issue on there just in time for my holidays :) and a decent subscription price.

    There’s definitely potential for some cool magazine-style apps on the iPad – the most impressive I’ve seen (visually at least) is Transworld Snowboarding, looks gorgeous with loads of cool “parallax” style background effects and taking full advantage of the multimedia capabilities of the iPad.

    1. Yeah I think Magazine’s have to be recreated a bit for them to be fun on the iPad. It is also good SOS is getting cheaper again. I remember for a while in the USA the only way to get it was the UK subscription for over $100.

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