What does music look like?

German photographer Martin Klimas has a photo series where he shows you what he thinks music looks like. As someone with Synesthesia I see bass and kicks drums as darker colors, hi-hats as white and juno/mentasm sounds as purple. It’s maybe all fantasy my mind creates but it may also help me create songs. How do you see it?

“For this series, Klimas spent six months and about 1,000 shots to produce the final images from his studio in Düsseldorf, Germany….The resulting images are Klimas’s attempt to answer the question ‘What does music look like?”

For more info: butdoesitfloat.com/What-does-music-look-like


  1. looks like psychedelic music to me!


  2. for me i visualise colours and shapes. a snare hit is like a white jaggy blob, a softer snare hit is less jaggy, a rimshot is jaggy and slightly cream. a bass line is dark green or dark blue, and its like a fat blob with round bits…. a flute would be a thin wavy line thats silver or grey coloured :| strings like violins or acoustic guitar would be golden or yellow, sticatto would be dots, and so on…


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