Ministry I Prefer

As a whole image and full canon of songs I dislike Ministry. However the few good tracks I think they have are steller. “I Prefer” is one of them. Pure synthpunk late 80s madness. If I had to pick the best Ministry album it would be the one this track lives on aka The Land of Rape and Honey (1988).

“Have you run into the human race? Have you run into the world?” – Ministry

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  1. I’m very surprised you favorite isn’t Twitch.


    1. That’s a close second but Land hit at just the right time for me.


  2. Great album (along with Twitch). Destroy was always a standout for me.


  3. I was also going to say that I would have thought Twitch more your cup of tea ;-) Land though was the last truly good album before Al fully made the switch to his brand of thrash metal.


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