Traktor Kontrol F1

Destroy and twist along with mix. I see nothing wrong with this trend ala Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol F1. I know there will always be vinyl guards but I always say keep to the future. As a musician I welcome tech that lets me vomit audio pixels at crowds. Don’t look back because I won’t be there.

“The F1 blurs the lines between DJing and live performance.” – Native Instruments

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Oliver Chesler

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4 thoughts on “Traktor Kontrol F1”

  1. I think this will be a cool controller and the whole Traktor environment me thinks is a better DJ centric environment than Ableton Live that is shoe-horned into DJ use.

    1. I agree. I adore Ableton for producing… hate it for mixing full tracks. The latest versions of Traktor and the S controllers are so very much fun (and isn’t that the point!).

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