Nightclub Research

You have to hear what he says about the “rockstar effect”.

“Yale researches social nightclub behaviour with a particular emphasis on music and how it affects people at an implicit level. With a background in biology, psychology, and sociology, Yale investigates such topics as how music can affect bar sales and people’s ability to multitask, how it determines listening patterns, and how the stock market can affect mood, which in turn predicts the characteristics of popular music.” – TEDxTalks

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  1. Due? to the power of the media, if the stock market can affect mood and predicts the characteristics of popular music, one may say that the music industry can drive the economic…

  2. Brainwave entrainment waves…

    Look up Hemi-sync binaural beats…

    3 hz hard panned left

    6 hz hard panned right

    a mystery 3 rd wave is formed.

    Your brain actually creates it.

    Its creating a mystery 3 hz sine wave made of elecricity.

    Change the right channel to 7 hz you have a 4 hz wave.. 8 hz now you have a 5 hz brainwave… etc

    different speeds different moods… dont expect overnite results.. its called enTRAINment for a reason.

    Good for meditation at any speed… alpha waves influence creativity.. delta is good for sleep..theta tickles your third eye…

  3. hemi sync = hemisphere synchronization

    as in your brains hemisphere… its like exercise for parts of your brain that are dormant.

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