The Punisher

I’m not a follow the band wagon type of person so I can tell you I never liked Jeff Mills techno act Underground Resistance. I did like one track. I liked it a lot. Of course that track is The Punisher. Now you know.

“The Punisher as a track by itself can set off a riot on the dance floor.” – TurnOff

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8 thoughts on “The Punisher”

  1. I’m not sure, but I think Underground Resistance is a collective whose members are not limited to Jeff Mills … Mike Banks, Dj Rolando, Robert Hood etc. were at one point members of the collective.
    The releases were anonymous if I’m correct.

  2. Because of my age, I never got to listen to all of this music when it was new, so I am educating myself and constantly fascinated by the strangeness and inventiveness of all the early techno, Dopplereffekt, Drexciya, Robert Hood et al.

    1. They were revolutionary indeed. It’s a shame such an inventive music like this, that changed underground electronic music forever has been buried into the tons of crap being released today and hardly anyone knows about it.

      I’m quite shocked Oliver says he doesn’t like them… I just can’t understand that… and even more he doesn’t know they were a band… come on, rolando, robert hood, gerald doner, they were the pioneers of the underground electronic music, how can a dark electronic producer grown up in the same years doesn’t appreciate that…

      I don’t want to critize, of course he can not like them… but I do feel the need to say i find it a bit disappointing.


      1. No I definitely know they are a band! In fact I have the record above and many others. I also have 2 UR shirts. Both shirts glow and one the logo is “puffy”. I come from a different place musically that’s all… I respect a lot their music and really The Punisher and the B-side is one of the top 10 all time 90s techno bests in my book. A lot of what followed was “just” 909… hard to explain because music is very personally. I think my expectations were that each song after the Punisher would be like it and they weren’t.

        1. Great!
          Just a recommendation to everyone, give a listen to “A red planet compilation” from UR. It’s just astonishing this music was made so long ago when tere e¡was nothing like it, every time i listen to it it just blows my ming! :)

  3. Well, Punisher being UR #017, it still leaves a lot of good records before it ;) Somehow, I share Oliver’s feeling (likely not for the same reason). For me, there is a “hole” in UR discography, with a lot of the refs in the 20-30 range being boring. Then, some of the records between UR 30 and UR 42 are among my top 10 once again (think code breaker, electronic warfare,…) Then I lost interest, especially with jaguar (I never understood the fuss around Jaguar, I thought it was very kitsch. But people around the world loved it, so… :))

  4. the UR of today is much different from the early live version. the live shows they put on today under the Galaxy to Galaxy name are really good. check out the red bull music academy radio archives for a complete set recorded in Melbourne last year. Hi Tech Jazz.

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