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If someone is absolutely determined to steal everything in your recording studio chances are they can find a way. However most robberies are less planned and opportunistic. The quick tip of the day is to use Torx style security screws. Basically you replace your rack screws with these so most standard screwdrivers wont work. In most cases your rack itself will be too heavy and wired up steal quickly and the gear will be difficult to remove from it. The set above is available from most pro-audio dealers. So what’s to stop special music studio (or computer server) theives armed with Torx screwdrivers? You can have 100% unique custom screws and bits ordered Better safe than sorry.

“Tamperproof Screw Co. manufactures quality-made security screws that are tamper-resistant and virtually impossible to remove without the proper tools. Tamperproof has many types of security screws to choose from, along with spanners, fasteners, nuts, bolts, and more. Our security screws are tamperproof and are also the toughest and most durable fasteners you can find.” –

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    1. Yep… once your hit your mind is always on it. Luckily now the studio is in a doorman building, steel door, no windows (well 27th floor… would be a crazy heist!), ADT, insurance, etc…

  1. They’re not security screws, the clue is in the name: torx=torque. These screws have more contact surface with the screwdriver and therefore can be screwed much tighter.

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