The Horrorist DJ Set March 3, 2012

The weekend is over but not for everyone. Here’s another “The Horrorist” DJ Set for everyone still going on a Monday and for all worker drones in cubicles. This week’s mix is a bit more party than last weeks. How about I give you an offical party story to go with this mix? About 10 years ago I performed in Amsterdam for some giant hardcore event. I think it was the Thunderdome 10 year thing. I did my show and was almost burnt alive Michael Jackson style when I climbed around on the stage and giant flames appeared out of the Thunderdome Wizard guy’s eyes. That must have what triggered my need to take a estacy pill. After and “after” is the key word I remembered Marc Acardipane asked me to sing Metal Man on stage while he did his thing. So of course he goes on and I jump up and as soon as I start screaming the lyrics the pills goes into overdrive. By the time I was done doing my best to scare everyone my legs were saying “hey I feel nice and light”. Those who know know what I mean. Anyway I walk around a look at 70,000 bald kids hopping like lunatics and get to the hotel with Matt Satronica. I do my best to keep my now well known reputation in order and find Marc Acardipane and other sober fools eating breakfast, order a shit ton of vodka, Jäger and whatever else. Satronica is a trooper and joins in as I abuse the wait staff. To make me feel better Acardipane charges all the alcohol to Lenny Dee’s room and Matt and I head into Amerstand to find DJ Jeroen Flammen. We figure he lives here and and well knows everyone so therefore knows where to score some more pills or anything else. We have the wrong address but unbelievably the taxi driver knows Flammen and take us there. Flammens not there and so we walk a bit and go into some Budist Monestary. It was cool but I’m not Zen and think religion is a waste of time so we walk some more. The sun is up and I’m still in my black show gear so it seemed fitting to go into some kinda of Dungeons and Dragons figurine store. They have those in Amsterdam and inside kids or unfortunately grown men play with toys and stage fake battles. I get into some deep conversations with everyone inside interupting every other sentence explaining that I’m “The Horrorist”. Eventually someone recognizes me or takes pitty and pretends they know who I am. It doesn’t matter my ego was healed for a minute so we left. Back into a cab and we basically told the guy we need to party ASAP. By then it was Monday and he said there was only one place called “The Living Room”. It was about 40 minutes outside the city but we had no choice so off we went. We get there and indeed the sign on the front door says, “The Living Room. Your Home for the Weekend!”. If you went there sober you would say something like, “Oh god horrible.”. Trashed on a Monday you say, “HOME!”. We go in and it’s all neon and blacklights. It’s half empty with a small round table in the center of the dance floor. I remember wondering “why the table?”. We drink and start dancing to extremely fast high energy trance. I look at Matt and he starts to sit down but I notice there’s someone in the seat. He ends up sitting on a very transexual person. I remember it being funny. In fact that moment alone was worth the years I took off my life for those 3 (ok 4) days. The club fills up with mega tranny’s and I’m in the middle of the dance floor with a full drink. I look next to me and there’s that table. I put my drink down and say, “ah that’s why!”. Enjoy this DJ set. No regrets.

“Thunderdome is a famous concept in hardcore techno and gabber music, and is mainly used for an ongoing series of parties and CD-albums. It is organized by the Dutch entertainment company ID&T. In 2002 the concept for the party was the ten year anniversary of Thunderdome.” – Wikipedia

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"Hello my name is Oliver and I'm going to tell you a story." I have been recording music since 1989 under the name The Horrorist. I have released over 60 singles and 4 full length albums. To hear my music please go to:

7 thoughts on “The Horrorist DJ Set March 3, 2012”

  1. Mixcloud isn’t showing the tracklist in the player for everyone so here:

    1. Pow! Pow! – Cannonball (Original Mix)
    2. Sousk – Drunk Ugly (Original Mix)
    3. Greg Kutnar – Crazy Jenny (Original Mix)
    4. Mr. Bizz – Exit (Original Mix)
    5. My Name Is Pinxo, Manel Diaz – Lovers Of Devil (Original Mix)
    6. Dzsing – Get Ticket (Original Mix)
    7. A.K.O. – Rolling (NHB & Fabrizio Pettorelli Remix)
    8. Chris Prod – Black Out (R. Cooper Remix)
    9. Daniel Gorziza – Relentless (Original Mix)
    10. Nick & Danny Chatelain, Ellectrica – Backspin (Carlo Lios F.I Mix)
    11. Caiano, F Red – Dial (Original Mix)
    12. AnGy KoRe – Italian Techno (NHB, Fabrizio Pettorelli Remix)
    13. Daniel Gorziza – Human Naturals (Original Mix)
    14. DJ Micky Da Funk, Costantino Nappi – Clarion (Pascal Nuzzo Remix)
    15. Deep Voice – Hard Away (Original Mix)
    16. Min & Mal – Stubborn (Original Mix)

  2. ok this is funny because A) This is two different trips mixed together (the game store was gameStop) (this was trip 1). B) The taxi driver took us to the ghetto to buy the E (trip 2). C) On trip 1 we went to an even worse ghetto in Amsterdam – if you remember I wouldn’t even enter. That’s when a street dealer sold us white chocolate and we gave all our money to that Spanish girl for telling us not to buy anymore.

    1. It’s very possible this was two trips although I tried to verify it! I think everything above may have been one and the ghetto/white chocolate was another. Anyone reading this please don’t ask about the white chocolate. Please.

  3. oh man, been there. Having flashbacks now of all the wow, this is weird and cool, what day is it, moments i had when i lived there. and here. and everywhere.

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