I sat on the fence for a long while before purchasing Max for Live. I now find it an indispensable tool in my arsenal. I’ve yet to try this new Supacut freebie but it looks tasty.

“Inspired by the classic beat effect plugins LiveCut and SupaTrigga, Ned Rush designed Suparcut for Max for Live. Suparcut’s parameters, including beat loops of various lengths and classic stretching and pitching effects, can either be sequenced or controlled by probability sliders.” –

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Comments Please

With popularity comes pain. Well ok that was a bit dramatic. What I’m trying to say is as Wire to the Ear continually gains readership as my Google Analytics tells me it does so does comment spam. In fact comment spam here has become insanely high. Most days the site is under a constant attack and Akismet gets bogged down and holds thousands of these spam comments in a cue. This means if you left a message I probably won’t see it for 24 hours. Another “problem” is about 80% of the comments and discussion on these blog posts are happening on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. I’m considering switching to a third party commenting system such as Facebook Connect, Disqus or Livefyre. I have some issues with switching. First, I don’t want to use a system that keeps the Wire to the Ear comments and doesn’t allow them to flow back into the Wire to the Ear database. Years down the road the commenting system may go away so it would be nice if the comments could revert back. I like the idea of Facebook Comments but correct me if I am wrong… that would mean someone would have to have a Facebook account right? I know a few people who do not (like my brother). Livefyre seems nice because it grabs comments from other places and brings them back here. Finally, I dislike the design of most of these systems. Wire to the Ear is super clean and I like it. So what do you the readers think? Should I try a commenting system or just leave things the way they are? After all it’s your comments that make this site fun.

“For the first time ever, bring the conversation happening on Facebook and Twitter directly to your content, where it belongs. Make your site the hub of community activity.” – livefyre

For more info: Facebook Connect, Disqus, Livefyre

Dirty Machine

I did a remix for the excellent Miss Duckin for a track called Dirty Machine. It’s just out on Elektrax Recordings (ELEK150). It’s a very strong pure techno release. Perfect for 2012. Keep moving forward!

Update: Now at Number 2 on the Beatport Top 100 hard techno chart!

“Hard-edged techno from the Elektrax crew. Sophie Watkins (aka Miss Duckin) ? Dirty Machine, feat. remixes by Vali T, Static Sense, The Horrorist, Destroyer.” – Beatport

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Analog HD

Gijs Gieskes the wonderful Dutch hardware artisan/hacker who created my beloved HSS3i video generator shows us his take on a hard drive turned into a turntablesque music device which his calls Analog HD-2.

“Gijs Gieskes is an industrial designer from the Netherlands who is probably best known for the fascinating mechanical devices he constructs for musical and visual expression.” –

For more info:

Electronic Pleasure

Frank Kvitta feat. The Horrorist by Frank Kvitta

My new release Electronic Pleasure – Frank Kvitta feat. The Horrorist is now No. 5 1 on the Junodownload sales chart. It will hit Beatport, iTunes and everywhere else next week. The remixers include Richter, Ben Sims, Dave the Drummer, Submerge, Patrick DSP, Alex Kvitta, Mario Ranieri and DJ Rush! It’s a dark sex trip track. Keep it away from your kiddies.

“I want you to do what I want you do to. I want to look at you as you look at the floor.” – The Horrorist

Update: Now at #1 on the Junodownload sales chart!

Download now: Junodownload

New 80s Samples

Eventually more 1980s retro styled tracks are going to be created than were originally created in the 80s themselves. I’m not complaining at all. This week two new hairspray decade sample packs were released. Ueberschall’s 80s Smash Hits (99€) and Zenhiser’s 1987 Drum Beats (25 AUD) both will take you back 30 years.

“80s Smash Hits is a cutting edge construction kit library, inspired by the catchy sounds of the legendary Synth Pop and Wave bands that are still sought-after today. In the eighties despite the fashion, it was all about song writing and playful experimentation with sounds, machines, synthesizers and effects.” –

For more info: ueberschall and


The Fastest Adopted Gadget

What is the fastest adopted gadget of the past 50 years? It must have an Apple logo on it right? Nope. The boombox entered our lives quicker than the iPhone, Wii or Walkman. I had several including a massive Conion with an alarm system. Be sure to check out the Ghettoblaster flickr Group: click here. If you’re looking for the best modern take on a portable radio check out the Jambox or TDK Three Speaker Boombox. I always liked the idea of people blasting their music and forcing their loved art onto others. Oh well… back to my white earbuds.

“It’s the boombox. The boombox. This startling revelation was brought to light in a paper in the Journal of Management and Marketing Research. The conclusion is the result of checking the overall level of adoption of a variety of new technologies by the 7th year of their existence. The numbers show that the boombox was number one. For a little context, not only did it beat out the cellphone and the desktop computer but also every other variety of mobile music devices, of which I think we can all agree, the boombox is by far the least efficient and the most annoying.” –

For more info:

Somebody Pick Up My Pieces

One of the greatest songs about love and addiction.

“Well, I sure thought I had her. Lord, I know she had me. What I thought was heaven is just falling debris. Well, I may not be crazy but I got one hell of a start. Somebody pick up my pieces. I think I’m fallin’ apart.. and the fall to the bottom could tear you apart. And they’ll be pickin’ up pieces of you and your heart.” – Willie Nelson

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I have large boxes of music memorabilia going back to the early 80s. I have all the backstage passes and anything else I could grab from my time on the Depeche Mode 101 tour. Boxes of obscur fanzines featuring anything I could find on EBM acts. Huge boxes of flyers some going back as far as the “IT” club (above the World on Houston St…. remember that?). It’s impossible to get it all into digital form in one sitting so as I slowly get to it I will share it with you here.

“A souvenir (from French, for a remembrance or memory), memento, keepsake or token of remembrance is an object a person acquires for the memories the owner associates with it.” – Wikipedia

See the full photo set:…