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About a year ago I started being contacted by promoters in Bogota, Colombia for a possible booking. At first I thought jeez I’m going to end up kidnapped eating cocaine leaves in the jungle. Since then some of my good friends played down there and loved it. I also realized they are into a lot of the music I’m into and certainly the show would fit. So if all can be arranged I’ll head way south at some point this year. One of the promoters known as Bluekim Tanzdiktator has a nifty EBM DJ sets that I thought I would share.

“Today she is part of the Complejo Industrial Crew (Bogota) and she is the official Dj of the french label managed by Dj Stamba “Deviation Sociale” in which she will be releasing her tracks soon.”

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4 thoughts on “Bluekim Tanzdiktator”

  1. Man You are gonna love it there. I was there in they’re first (or so they tolled me) big Electronic Music event (in Medellin), it was called Red Bull Rave .. a big circus tent in the middle of a 5 start hotel rented only for this!
    These people are one of the nicest and simple in the world, really friendly as well.
    They really love music and there was this really naif feeling towards clubbing …
    I didn’t have one problem except maybe in Bogotá were I was tolled never to leave the hotel by myself… :/
    As long as you go with a solid organization you’ll be just fine, I have returned 3 more times then the all scene really blew and since then All major names played there (generally getting pay and even bigger sum then they already get everywhere ).


    PS – Cubase 6.5 is announced with two new synths (@ least one looks cool)

    1. Yeah Z your report matches everything I am hearing so I’m convinced to go. I notice briefly some Cubase news… I’m going to take a closer look. These day Ableton is my main squeeze but as a 10+ year Cubase man I’m always respectful.

  2. Sure I was myself a cubase man as well, since 1.06 on and old 486DX PC and that dreadful midi to joystick cable lol, tried lots of stuff but my heart was Cubase, Also used Fruity quite a lot.. but drop it 4 live when moved to Mac…

    Really nice tip yesterday, I knew about the removal of the stop button but never when about use it like Thavious exemplified! Top TIP!

    On the Colombia thing… if ya can drop to Cartagena de las Islas! really pretty (Also the San Andrés island which belongs to Colombia but is on the Caribbeans , cheap as dirt and not yet very tourist like).
    One of the times I returned so close to the gig before that they asked to stay over during the week for the next weekend, so the sent me to this San Andrés Island what a relaxing time , if computers were anything like they are today I would’ve come out with a deep deep house (or reggae) album after that week lol

    I enjoyed and relaxed so much that my next released was called colombia m’encanta on Brixton’s Holzplatten! (é-MigL-Colombia-M-Encanta-EP/release/96517 ) track here … ( main track here : )

    Cheers and thanks for the cool tips/ News!

    All the best from Lisbon, Portugal.


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