Remove Stop Buttons in Ableton

Here’s another great tip from Dubstop’s Thavius Beck. I always knew you can remove a Session View Clip’s stop button. I thought it was a safety type of measure for those using Session View in a live scenario. Often when I record vocals I do different takes on a channel and they grow down vertically. To launch each take I click a Scene Clip (the right most column in Ableton Live’s Session View). In order to have my music going I have to copy my music loop down vertically too. Now with this tip in the video above all I have to do is kill the stop buttons on my music loop channel. Thanks for the time saver.

“He explains how by simply removing the stop buttons inside empty clip slots, you can launch clips and jump through scenes without having to interrupt your groove. This is something that is essential and practical putting a track in the Session View without committing it to the Arrange view.” –

For more info:


  1. Oh dear, you didn’t know this ?
    Essential to using scenes in a more effective way !


  2. digitalbeatsyndrome February 28, 2012 at 7:42 pm

    Please tell me you use insert and capture scene…

    I cant live without this feature.


  3. another way to avoid hitting the wrong clip, is just map what you do want to use to a control surface and never click with a mouse or trackpad during your set.


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