Dillinger Escape Plan Live

I hereby disrupt your Monday with some jumping around by the Dillinger Escape Plan. Apparently this is called “Mathcore” on Wikipedia… or is that a joke? Not my kind of music but they rocked the house. How many times have you been out or played out and said wow that was sick I wish it was on video?

“Dillinger Escape Plan played two shows in Chicago: One with the Deftones earlier in the night and this show where they annihilated the Bottom Lounge.” – thedeepelement

For more info: wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dillinger_Escape_Plan


  1. Mathcore or math rock is real. It just means they use mostly odd time signatures and combinations of different odd time signatures and rhythms. Seems similar to prog rock to me in that sense, only much harder and often much faster.

    Dillinger Escape Plan has been performing this way for many years. They broke my friend’s collarbone once at a show a long time ago. He was right at the front of the stage and got hit in just the wrong place with a guitar headstock travelling at high speed. As far as I can remember he said it was worth it, but he wouldn’t do it again.


    1. Hah really? That’s pretty funny… thanks for the Mathcore tip… never knew that!


  2. Agreed. Not my style of music, but watching everybody in that club lose their minds was freaking awesome. I like how at one point there was someone in a lion or bear costume on the stage !! Lol


  3. digitalbeatsyndrome February 28, 2012 at 7:41 pm

    I think its awesome its so packed they dont have to worry about falling during crowdsurfing or diving.

    Think about Happy Birthday To You.

    It is an odd time signature in the fact the “Haaaa” ppy doesnt start at the first beat of the measure.


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