Turn anything into a control surface with Mogees. This is part IRCAM project. The results in the video seem great.

“Mogees is a project that uses microphones to turn any surface into an interactive board, which associates different gestures with different sounds. This means that desktop drummers could transform their finger taps and hand slaps into the sound of a marimba or xylophone. Users plug any contact microphone onto a surface — be it a tree, a cupboard, a piece of glass or even a balloon. They can then record several different types of touch using their hands or any objects that cause a sound — so one sound could be a hand slap, another could be a finger tap and another could be hitting the surface with a drumstick. Users can train the system to detect new types of touch recording them just once.” –

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  1. The video reminded me of a project in that vein which is beginning to take orders. I’m waiting for international shipping to get my hands on one.

    Also reminded me of the Korg Wavedrum Mini which has a clip you can attach to a table, seat leg, etc.

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