Existo Vulgoré (The Horrorist remix) – Morbid Angel

Here is a sample of the remix I did for the Metal Band Morbid Angel. I remixed a song called Existo Vulgoré. The album is called Illud Divinum Insanus The Remixes. Other remixers include Laibach, Skinny Puppy, The Toxic Avenger, Skold, Mircopoint, Black Strobe, Combichrist and many others. It album will be released next week on February 24. Please note on the sample above I “dropped the needle” in a different place half way through to give you a taste of the two main sections.

“Morbid Angel is the third best-selling death metal band in the United States with sales of over 445,000; with their third album Covenant being the best-selling death metal album of all time with over 127,000 units sold.” – Wikipedia

For more info: morbidangel.com

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10 Responses to “Existo Vulgoré (The Horrorist remix) – Morbid Angel”

  1. tazzaler says:

    I’m glad to hear your remix!

    The album (not the remix version) has left my fellow metalheads in a blur.

    As of now I am Switzerland.

    • I’ve seen the reaction of a lot of classic Morbid Angel fans… pretty funny a lot of it. If I were in love with the band I could see the anger but on the other hand I respect the band for trying new things.

  2. Jason Duerr says:

    I am about to board a plane to India. This album won’t be released until I am at my destination. Crap. At least I can download while off continent, scoring a very interesting hit to amazon, and enjoy it on the plane ride home. Cool. Care to indulge us, Oliver, on your kit list? Any notable hardware / sw uses on your mix? The line up of remixers is really exciting, can’t wait to hear this. Thanks.

    • I forgot to mention what I used in this remix… obviously some samples from Morbid Angel, a few kick loops lifted from some techno tracks I like (although mangled beyond recognition), Audio Damage Dubstation (delay), PSP N20, Ensoniq ESQ-1 (white noise), Analogue Solutions Telemark (synth parts)… Enjoy India!.. I’ve never been there but one day would love to check it out.

  3. bedanga says:

    any filthy dubstep remix on it ?

  4. Hansx says:

    I own Blessed are the Sick and Altars of Madness on Vinyl, what a cheesy cover design that was… ;)

    Funny, their precise guitar solos and insane drumming always reminds me of sequenced electronic stuff.

  5. chris says:

    I love morbid angel and the horrorist this remix is cool as shit.

    cheers to you oliver

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