Ableton Hi-Quality EQ eight

Right click on Ableton Live’s EQ Eight to set it to high quality. Watch the video above for more details. Great tip from Dubstop! What other Ableton plug-ins have a high quality mode?

“When Hi-Quality mode is enabled on the EQ8, the audio being fed into the EQ is oversampled by a factor of 2 (meaning the sample rate of the audio is doubled. If your session’s sample rate is 44.1kHz, enabling Hi-Quality will make the audio being fed into the EQ8 88.2kHz). Then the EQ changes are calculated at the doubled sample rate, and finally the audio as it leaves the EQ is undersampled by a factor of 2, or basically brought back to it’s original sample rate.” – Thavius Beck

For more info: and


  1. Bothe EQs do. What’s really interesting is the different modes for the delays. Find them the same way. Entirely changes the way I use the delays…


  2. Yeah, check out some of the drop down menu settings for some of the modulation effects, there’s some pretty cool stuff! Delay definitely has the most alternative settings, but other gain effects have the “Hi-Quality” switch as well. Thanks for this posting! Can’t wait to experiment. :)


  3. Ableton’s reverb has !


    1. Ah… I’m stuck on ValhallaDSP and AudioDamage’s verbs but very good to know. My 3.4GHZ iMac can handle almost anything.


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