My brother bought me a Korg Monotron Delay. It was on backorder for a good 6 weeks. It arrived yesterday thanks Al! This is what it sounds like (in my hands).

“A good delay was an essential part of the classic analog synthesizer sound. More often than not, that delay came from a tape-style echo machine until affordable digital delays were created. The monotron DELAY is an analog synthesizer optimized for sound effects. In addition to its analog oscillator, filter, and LFO, it also provides a Space Delay that’s indispensable for swooping, cosmic sounds. The monotron DELAY even reproduces the pitch changes that occur when you vary the delay time, just as though you were using an analog tape echo. As with the filter, the delay effect can be added to any external sound via the Aux In jack. This fat and warm delay will add an authentic edge to your analog sounds!” –

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  1. You probably wouldn’t want to crack that open and see if there’s a labelled spot on the pcb to add a pot for filter rez, would you? :-)

  2. Dudes, tell me something (I’m a noob in terms of making music): how can I record the sounds I make with a Monotron / Monotribe, since ain’t got midi or usb? Do I have to use a mic on it and record like «field sampling way», or is there any other way? Can you tell me how; which cables; etc?

    I just own a midi keyboard (bought two weeks ago) and I’m interested in use the effects produced by Monotron / Tribe in the music I make in my daw (fl studio / ableton). How can I do this? How can I: a) record the sounds I make with a gadget like this; and b) How can use the Monotron effects in the music I make in my daw?

    Two questions. Sorry if this is too noobish!


    1. The Monotron has 1/8″ Stereo (look for 2 black rings on the tip) inputs and outputs. To record it just plug a cable into your computer, load some recording software (Ableton, Garageband) hit record and go. If you have an audio interface the cable will have to be 1/8″ to 1/4″. You can process external sounds through this Monotribe by plugging them into the input. I hope that helps… enjoy!

      1. Wait, I thought they didn’t gate the audio input unless you press a “key” or am I mistaken? If so & it can be use as an fx box, I’ll order one tomorrow for my theremin!

        1. This one will pass the audio from the input jack through regardless of what you’re doing with the ribbon keyboard. Works great as an effect! Noisy as hell but I think that’s the best part of it…

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