Kids and Dad cover Depeche Mode

“[About the song Shake the Disease…] Band member Alan Wilder felt this song captured the essence of the band, stating “there’s a certain edge to what we do that can make people think twice about things. If we’ve got a choice between calling a song “Understanding” or “Shake the Disease”, we’ll call it “Shake the Disease”. There’s a lot of perversity and innuendo in our lyrics, but nothing direct.” – Wikipedia

For more info: and Dicken Schrader

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2 thoughts on “Kids and Dad cover Depeche Mode”

  1. Everything Counts was done complete on the ball…even performing the extra background vocals they do during the live arrangement. Outstanding.

  2. great stuff! even if it seems to be cut together in some parts, it’s awesome to see parents doing music with their kids. thx for posting this. going to listen some depeche mode now. :-)

    any bets on how long it will take for the majors to force youtube to remove these videos?

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