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Here’s an upcoming box from Mode Machines called SID. Apparently there’s some controversy over it’s design (link). Chris Randall took the photo above at NAMM. It should go for about $600 USD.

“SID is an 8-Bit desktop synthesizer with a double personality. It’s simplistic layout and ease of use delivers pleasure at the first touch and it’s familiar step sequencer will have you programming patterns and beats in no time. 3 expression knobs control the key features of each Patch for instant results. But don’t let it’s simplicity fool you: The supplied SID STUDIO SOFTWARE enables you to tweak every parameter under the hood! Draw and design your patches with instant feedback from the SID. Also check out the NERD-PANEL, a powerful interactive blueprint which enables you to address the chip one pin at a time – also a great educational tool.” –

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2 thoughts on “SID Machine”

  1. what a booomb !

    but….from matrixsynth

    You can see it currently listed on Touched By Sound’s website for 1.495,00€

    the moonwind and this are the best things at this year namm

  2. Caveat emptor…this company doesn’t have the greatest name in the x0xb0x community. Anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that their build quality can be a little bit lacking.

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