My friend Noah Benzing sent me the first video above of Dan Laskowski and his 1980s Commodore 64 audio software FastFingers. I think Dan himself is the interesting part of this video.

“How did I get into the future?” – Dan Laskowski

photo credit: Matrixsynth

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5 thoughts on “FastFingers”

  1. Today I began BASIC MIDI routines with the C64 Expansion Port Sentech/Passport type MIDI interface, mostly to check my MIDI interface and also to re-familiarize myself with the MIDI commands. I was able to get my Kawai K3 to play a slew of notes which I sent to it by way of a fornext loop. So the MIDI programming re-begins..after almost 30 years. So hopefully I will be able to integrate this into Fastfingers. This in only HALF of the BASIC programming. The other HALF is to also RECEIVE notes from a MIDI keyboard to trigger the Fastfingers sounds.

    The PASSPORT type MIDI interface was the most popular, and it is not easy to make a universal MIDI driver because of the way the DATA and CONTROL/STATUS registers work. There is only ONE STATUS register on the PASSPORT and the same register is also the CONTROL register. Many other MIDI interfaces will use 2 separate registers for STATUS AND CONTROL. The same goes with the DATA register. It also flips so that it can be a READ or WRITE register.

    So what I’m basically saying. Is to start shopping for a PASSPORT type MIDI interface if you plan on using Fastfingers ,in the future, with MIDI.


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