Jomox Moonwind

I’m a huge fan of Jomox’s Jürgen Michaelis’s work. One of my most favorite pieces in my studio is an Mbrane 11. I suspect like other Jomox products the new Moonwind analog filter will have some interesting quirks that could give you a unique edge in your recordings.

“The Moonwind Analog Filter Tracker is a true analog stereo filter, with built-in step sequencer, an FX chip, 2 LFOs and envelope modulation. Everything is storable and controllable via MIDI.”

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2 thoughts on “Jomox Moonwind”

  1. such a great idea. it gives you programmable automated repeatable high precision filter tweaks of anything. an acid synth, or drums or vocals or white noise could get every kind of filter sweep or chop you can dream of. the obvious one is just send it 16th notes, send it source audio, and modify the values of those notes until you get the creative filter opening closing madness combination you think works in the track. instant mayhem! this could easily become the signature modification in the remixers toolkit.

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