Arturia MiniBrute

Well how about that? An all analog hardware synth from Arturia. The MiniBrute has some unique features including a Steiner Parker filter, supersaw ocillator, “metal” triangle oscillator, Brute factor (re-input staging) and an arpeggiator with tap tempo and 6 swing settings. CV, Midi… 499 Euro, $549 USD!

“MiniBrute is Arturia’s new analog synthesizer. With a pure analog signal path and several innovative features, it sets a new standard for what a hardware synthesizer should be. The pure analog, multi-wave oscillator combined with a huge sounding classic multi-mode filter, and wide range of modulation capabilities will bring new life into your recordings and stage performances. Add to that outstanding features like the Ultrasaw, Metalizer, Brute Factor™, Arpeggiator, LFO with sample & hold, full USB/MIDI/CV connectivity; all of which are housed in a rugged metal enclosure and it is almost too brutal to think about!” – Arturia

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8 thoughts on “Arturia MiniBrute”

  1. Wow, this looks like fun! Can’t complain about the interface here. I already know what everything does, and the Steiner Filter, CV, S&H and an arpeggiator would make for a tasty subtractive analog monosynth ala SH-101 kinda thing which have gone up in price unfortunately higher than this price new. (should have bought one back when they were $400) Knobs and sliders for everything too, and if its the normal Arturia build quality they should feel pretty solid which is a bonus to ergonomics.

    Actually I don’t know what they mean by: “features like the Ultrasaw, Metalizer, Brute Factor™” but I’d love to find out. Too bad the embedded video link is now marked “Private” by the user. (tease!)

  2. i´m not a fan of artutria. i never like the sound of their vsts there are a lot better ones out there. but these synth looks great, simple and the demo i´ve heard on another sounds great too. i think i will buy it.

  3. very surprising to see them releasing an analog synth but it looks damn fine and i’m sure it’s gonna sounds good roo. i also like the name hehe ces français…

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