Here is a video of LL Cool J at CES showing off his new collaborative recording studio service Boomdizzle. There’s a bunch of these services now. Ohm Studio comes to mind as a recent entry. I wonder if people are really using any of these and making complete songs. We did learn Mama Said Knock You Out took 14 takes and LL knows who Leonard Cohen is. The best thing is this video isn’t about branded headphones! In case you were wondering my fav Cool J Track is Rock the Bells.

“LL Cool J launches his remote music-recording software, called Boomdizzle, to the stage at CES 2012 and lays down some tracks with B-Teezy!” – Cnet

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  1. i wonder also if people use that but i guess if it works properly why not?

    no wonder why he call himself Cool J. he looks like a cool guy hehe


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