Steinberg Neon Relives!

A couple of months ago Steinberg re-released one of his classic synths the Model-E. Today they re-released Neon and Karlette. Neon was the first soft synth I ever used. What a trip down memory lane! I’m very tempted to make a track using only Neon instances. Are we going to get a 2012 version of the Koblo Vibra9000 next?

“Throughout the long history of Steinberg, many products have come and gone, many have been superseded by new variants and others have been dropped completely. Once in a while, however, some of our developers like to dig up one of these long forgotten gems and polish it ready for current operating systems.” –

Download Neon and Karlette free:…

via Synthtopia


  1. since you already worked with those “vintage” plug-ins i wanna ask you what should i expect from those?


  2. I approve of this sortof thing :) – downloading now


  3. Yup, Steinberg are really powering since Yamaha bought them. Seems like a good fit… who’d have guessed? Updates and products every month!

    These plugs are being released due to SB engineers working in their spare time apparently… thanks guys!



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