American DJ PC100A

I recently completely rewired my music studio. I now have years of hardware all patched into 30+ inputs via a Motu 828MK3h and two Behringer ADA8000’s. I have all the hardware one click ready in Ableton as External Instrument devices. This means all my hardware is also plugged in powered. One problem I noticed was my Presonus Central Station, Analog Solutions Telemark Synth, Doepfer Dark Time and Ekdahl Moisterizer all do not have power switches. I really didn’t need them all on all the time so after some hunting I discovered the American DJ PC100A. There’s really nothing much to the unit other than a power strip with 8 on/off switches. It works and it’s inexpensive. $29.99 at Amazon.

“the PC100A features 8 lighted switches and a 15A resettable circuit breaker” –

For more info:…


  1. A majority of my gear goes into one of these things for power. Incredibly efficient and saves power plugs, not to mention it makes turning devices off a whole lot easier.


  2. This is one of the first things I bought for my home studio. Funny how the most mundane things can be so useful.


  3. What I have been looking for ages and can’t find is something a little different… Imagine a simple A/B switch that would take 3 Phono IN / 3 Line IN
    by flicking the switch You would send all (or even individual switches) these to either OUTPUTS A ou B ..

    This would allow for the same 3 decks and 3 cd players to be routed to 2 different mixers on any given DJ booth or Stage setup …

    This need happens quite a lot of music Festivals when some Djs want a Bozak Mixer and another one needs a Xone DB4 ..!?

    Also this unit should be able to Merge the balanced signal of A and B Master OUT .. to a Balanced Out for the PA + the balanced signal of A and B Monitor OUT .. to a Balanced Out for the Booth monitors .. this way each mixer would retain master/ booth level control by it’s “operator” …

    Any ideas???

    So far I can think of patching different kits Like the XOne:PB/ Magma’s SwitchBox V2 and Rodec’s Patch Live ( … but nothing really hits the nail …


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