Minitaur Quick Demo from Moog Music on Vimeo.

Could it be a $600 100% analog Moog with MIDI based on the Taurus pedals will be announced at Namm? It seems so!

“The MINITAUR is a compact table-top monophonic MIDI-and-CV-controllable analog bass synthesizer module with a 100% analog audio signal path, based on the design of the Taurus 3 bass synthesizer.” –

For more info:

via Matrixsynth

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9 thoughts on “Moog MINITAUR”

      1. They call it Analog Bass Synthesizer. ;)
        A Taurus is basically a synth specially designed for producing bass sounds. The Oscillators are limited to either saw or square and a lot of ppl. claim that the Taurus bass is WAY more voluminous than the Minimoog Model D one…

        A good example for the sound can you find here: at 0:58

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