Ableton MIDI Routing

I am constantly using Midi effects and tricks in my own workflow. I look for plug-ins that output midi data (Audio Damage Axon for example). The video above from The Ableton Cookbook shows you how to record the Arpeggiator’s notes while manipulating the device.

“The traditional signal chain in Ableton goes from the MIDI clip to a MIDI effect and then into an Instrument or Instrument Rack, where the MIDI information is interpreted and output as audio. This means that, if you press record on a MIDI Clip that has an effect on it, you’ll get a recording not of the effected MIDI signal, but of the unaffected MIDI signal. If you want to capture these affected MIDI events, you are going to have to do some MIDI routing. In this video, I show you how this is done!” –

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  1. I have a similar workflow. You mentioned Axon, Oliver… I got that when it came out and love it to bits but had a hell of a time trying to get the MIDI out of it in any usable way. There were a series of video tutorials planned but I guess AD got sidetracked with their new projects and I only saw a couple get released.

    Got any tips for Axon, specifically relating to recording the MIDI patterns?


      1. I’m using Ableton Live.


        1. It’s quite simple. Axon on a Midi track. Create another Midi track with any synth or drum machine on it. Click on the Monitor In for the new track. Then pick Midi From Axon and under it select Axon again. Play the Axon and it should play your synth or drum machine.

          Screen Shot 2011-12-21 at 6.57.50 PM


          1. Thanks, that’s exactly how I set it up. I must be doing something wrong. In ‘MIDI From’ I just see ‘Pre FX’ and ‘Post FX’, you have selected ‘Axon’ which I don’t have (it’s not even greyed out, just not there)

            No matter, the audio output is also nice :)

  2. same issue. only see pre fx post fx on second drop down….anyone…???


    1. Darren Inksetter April 7, 2012 at 8:12 pm

      Are you using AU or VST? You have to use VST me thinks.


      1. Even though I can use both in Ableton usually I do pick the VST version.


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