Sweetwater’s Top 10 for 2011

Sweetwater sells gear so their top list for 2011 maybe be slanted because they want to sell more of something to you. However, I do agree with some of their choices and it got me thinking I should ask you the question: What do you think were the best few pro-audio products that came out this past year?

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11 thoughts on “Sweetwater’s Top 10 for 2011”

  1. I totally agree with them about the Eventide Space. Big bang for a relatively high price…but you get the really awesome Eventide Reverb quality, without spending 2k or more.

    The rest is more or less boring and unimportant including the over-recycled Dave Smith Synthengine in the form of the Tempest.

    Ah yes…Reason 6 is also a good choice. But…where is the Vermona Perfourmer MK2? Where is the Vermona Retroverb lancet?

    1. You don’t like the Tempest? Even if it’s a Tetra + Sequencer (it’s more than that) it’s still a drum machine?! The Vermona’s are very wonderful but aren’t they more V2 versions… you think they deserve full on best of for 11′?

      1. The Perfourmer MK2 is definitely among the best for ’11 IMHO. But that´s my personal reference. The Tempests sound is still the same old busted Evolver Synth Engine. Plus the envelopes are way too slow for punchy sounds. That´s why they had to put a couple of ROMples into that thing, to even get close to a drum synth. IMHO the thing is not worth the money. Better investment is definitely an Elektron Machinedrum UW…or without a sequencer but analog the Vermona DRM-1, which you have. Or get an Elektron Octatrack and sample some softdrumsynths like the SonicCharge Microtonic (Check out their Patternarium…awesome!) and mangle the crap out of these samples then with the OT. Or sample that Jomox MBase1/11.

  2. Agree on Tempest, Eventide Space, iOS & Reason-6 though I don’t need the DAW features in Reason, I just use it as an instrument rack. STRONG DISAGREE on Jupiter-80. Its an overbloated workstation that misses what Jupiter users liked about the series, and just tries to rebrand a V-Synth as something its not, and doesn’t deserve its name. The rest is a whole lot of meh for me. I’m sure plenty of people will benefit from a new version of ProTools and what not, and I have nearly no opinion on guitars, but I didn’t see much groundbreaking other than the 4 items I listed as likes.

  3. For me … iPad 2

    Power boost over the V1 was significant and mine gets used for just about every musical purpose imaginable. From storing manuals and reference books, as chord/scale lookup, filing my own archives of songs/lyrics, as a tuner, metronome, and light (on occasion!) … not to mention as a controller and Instrument.

    My favorite musical tool … Thumbjam 2 by a mile. Though Animoog sounds very very nice.

    And for $5 hell, GarageBand blows my mind.

    And that’s just the beginning…

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