One Million Views

The video for my song One Night in NYC has now over 1,000,000 views on Youtube. It’s a true story. I recorded it in my mother’s basement. I did the song live in just a couple of takes. I used a Roland TR-909 drum machine, Akai S950 sampler, Yamaha TX81z synthesizer, Mackie 1604 mixer, Shure SM58 microphone and Cubase on an Atari 1040ST. I simply muted/unmuted channels on the Mackie with one hand and the microphone in the other telling the story. I never thought much of the song and was embarrassed to play it for people I knew because it was so freaky. In 1996 I offered it to a bunch of labels at the time who all turned the song down (sorry Lenny). I started my own label (Things to Come Records) and released it. In 2001 Chris Liebing flew to New York and convinced me to let him do a remix. He gathered many other remixers and the track went to #1 on the German charts for many weeks. Warner Brothers picked it up and shot the video above at The Limelight. Live life, be inspirired… it’s the only way to make songs that will connect with a lot of people.

“Hello, my name is Oliver and I’m going to tell you a story. It’s about a young girl… She’s only fifteen years old and has blonde hair and blue eyes.” – The Horrorist

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9 Responses to “One Million Views”

  1. AfroDJMac says:

    How cool is that? Congratulations Oliver, that’s a lot of views!! Damn! :)

  2. I need to get this on vinyl!

  3. AWESOME !

    HUGE CONGRATULATIONS ! This is not a surprise as this track is now into the legend (re:)

    BIG UP BRO !

  4. Raytrace says:

    Congrats Man! –

    Interesting that its a Yamaha TX81z – very nice sound

  5. tipitier says:

    Awesome punch and congratulation on your break through!

  6. Manuel-M says:

    It’s time for a remix contest :)

  7. Patokai says:

    this excellent song open to me a path to a whole new bunch of music, thanxx oliver!!1

  8. Klangphase says:

    Great track (full length / uncencored), of course. One of my fav all stars so far. :)

  9. Gorpo says:


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