Grandparents react to Dubstep

Honestly this is almost the same reaction I have when I hear Dubstep.

“Dubstep rhythms are usually syncopated, and often shuffled or incorporating tuplets. The tempo is nearly always in the range of 138-142 beats per minute, with a clap or snare usually inserted every third beat in a bar.” – Wikipedia

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17 thoughts on “Grandparents react to Dubstep”

  1. I cry, why can’t kids just pick up an Angerfist record and make that the trendy popular “techno music” everyone listens to. At least I would be semi-happy. Hardcore…the direction mainstream “techno music” should go towards.

    We’ll keep EBM to ourselves in the basements!

  2. I forsee the future of dubstep and all hipster electronics for 2012. The new tracks will be run through a heavy chorus on the master channel – it gonna be called “Syrup-Step”. March’ 2012 is the phase of “Proto-Syrup” and in June’ 2012 we’ll already have the “3rd wave of Syrup-Step” (they’ll use three choruses instead of one). Proto-Sypur 16 y/old producers and fans will discriminate all other waves of Syrup and proclaim themselves as the ‘true school’. July’ 2012 – the birth of “Post-Syrup” (the same thing + guitars).
    October’ 2012 – the revival of ‘Syrup-Step” and sudden death of a genre (because of computers getting smashed up by parents)

  3. This was great!!! IMHO I think that “good” or “quality” music can be appreciated by all, at least in an academic sense (in other words, I’m not a fan of Country but I can appreciate a good song). Grand Dad is awesome.

  4. Is that really dubstep?? Much too melodic for me.. Play Loefah or some decent stuff for those old people.. I’m sure the’ll apreciate that..

  5. I’m sure they’d find burial album quite enjoyable.
    There is quality dubstep out there but is being lost in a growing see of populist mid range no sub bro step.

      1. Correct. But I think he means there’s the new dubstep and the older one, which is the one he linked.
        Skrillex is the new one and very populair these days. It’s like people discovered dubstep again but in a new form(?).
        Anyway, it’s something you see appearing in other genres as well.

        Because this is also a kind of dubstep:
        (Sinister Souls – Beat the Drum hard)

        1. Blurgh! [] ;) “Dub” is in so many forms of modern music. The most ppl didn´t know about the “true roots”. []

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