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I really love convolution reverbs. I don’t really use them with traditional space IRs (like a famous opera house). I have a collection of classic 80s hardware reverb IRs. Of course nothing is like having an actual Lexicon 480L or EMT plate but Altiverb gets you close enough. Altiverb 7 adds a very nice searchable IR photo browser, synthetic brightness add on (if wanted), drag & drop IR creation, chaos modulation and more. I can see using the drag & drop IR creation quite a lot. I would say 90% of my vocals are recorded with a convolution reverb on a send panned to the right a bit. $595 USD.

“Altiverb 7 is the industry standard convolution reverb plug-in. It uses top quality samples of real spaces to create reverb, ranging from Sydney Opera House to the cockpit of a Jumbo Jet. Altiverb 7 is efficient on the cpu, offers many parameters to tweak reverb, is total recall automatable, and has 64 bit support. Every month Altiverb 7 users receive new impulse responses for free.”

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  1. im a big fan of altiverb, too. cant wait to try 7. I almost always end up setting up altiverb on a bus with either the emt 140, the chapman studios plate, or the ams rmx16 impulses. not exactly the real thing, but as close as im likely to get on my budget!

    i also love the Hansa Studios big room impulse. Putting vocals in the same “room” where bowie recorded the vocal for Heroes can ever hurt…

      1. The Putnam echo chamber IRs from Cello Studios are pretty cool, too. Same echo chambers the Beach Boys, Sinatra, etc used, back when Cello used to be called United Western. really cool natural echo chamber.

        Yeah it’s a shame there are no IRs of now defunct studios where some of my favorite tracks were recorded, like Blackwing in london, where all the early Mute and 4AD bands recorded.

        One trick i did try that was sort of related to all of this was, after reading an interview with Flood about producing the Violator album. He used to send the Arp 2600 out into a bass amp, and mic’ed it in Hansa’s big room. Since i did have a 2600 but no bass amp, and no chance of getting to Berlin, i used the Ampeg SVX plug-in and the Hansa Meistersaal IR. can’t say it’s authentic, but it did sound really nice. :)

  2. It looks compelling, but seeing as it requires an ilok dongle, I won’t be upgrading. Altiverb 6 allows challenge-response authorization in addition to ilok.

    I used to make music strictly on my desktop but I mainly use a laptop now and I already have enough peripherals hanging off the laptop as it is, with a limited number of ports to devote to them. And I can’t stand opening up an old project to work on only to find out that some of the plugins I used are disabled because I don’t have the right bits hanging off my usb ports. There’s plenty of great software that doesn’t require a dongle, and I’ll be sticking with that over mandatory ilok any day.

    1. Everyone agrees iLok sucks. I don’t actually mind a dongle but I like many have had issues with the company behind iLok. I bought an iLok 6 months ago and then it stopped working. I didn’t drop it or anything. I bough another iLok (the new one iLok 2) and thought if I just plugged it in I could transfer my licences to it. You can’t actually do that. You have to pay $50 to iLok and send the old iLok in. After waiting they will transfer your licences to the new one. The thing that bothers me is you can pay money to have it Transfered immediately which I find very scamish and makes me wonder if my old iLok was set to self destruct by the company. You can even buy iLok insurance… a yearly fee so there won’t be any downtime if an iLok breaks. My issue is not with Audioease or any software company trying to stop illegal cracks and such… it’s with the company they choose to protect them. In the end there are several pieces of software that require an iLok that I want to use so I’m stuck with the system. If this new iLok breaks without me touching it and I have to go through this process again I’ll raise some hell for sure.

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