Kombinat DVA

Audiodamage has released Kominat DVA. I recorded about 45 of the presets over a Roland TR-808 loop. The first 4 bars is the 808 dry. If you listen through the presets you can hear some of them are very musical and useful. $49 USD.

“From mild tone-shaping or adding a bit of grit to full-on total waveform destruction, Kombinat Dva, the long-awaited sequel to our popular Kombinat plug-in, is a complete toolbox of sonic warfare. With 13 different options in each of the three distortion engines (plus pass-through), Kombinat Dva is capable of sophisticated and unique sounds. Want to add a ring mod to the low end, a mild tube clip to the mids, and a bit-reduction algorithm to the high end? No problem. Want to run your signal through three sine-warps or fuzz algorithms in series? This is your box.” – audiodamage.com

For more info: audiodamage.com


  1. Run the DRM-MK III through that sucka !

    Ring Mod presets are killing it !

    Heres some tr-505 with a pinch of 808 love.



    1. I saw these on Soundcloud. I’ll repeat what I said here… You did a better job showing off the plug than I did (or Chris!).


      1. Thanks… if it weren’t for people like you, Selway, and Adam I wouldnt be making tunes in the first place…


  2. I smell Goldbaby probably adding ring mod to their one shots from Kombinat DVA in WADRA 3. WADRA 3 = When Alien Drum Robots Attack Library…


  3. I love Audio Damage! I’ll have to grab this soon. Along with Phosphor.


  4. @ ComputerControlled

    Phosphor is awesome… Its not gonna give you what ALchemy or Sylenth might, but its a different beast.. it can sound very motionlike or 80’s…think d-50..ppg..imposcar bell sounds… but the sound can get alot of motion…


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