The Horrorist Live Saturday Malta

I’m off this weekend to perform in Malta. I’ve played there numerous times before and this weekend I am upping the “military music” with 3 new fairly agressive techno tracks (with vocals). One of the songs called Take this Step has become one of my new favorites and is sort of a successor to Flesh is the Fever or Hard Step Future Force (for those who follow my tunes). Pet Duo are a couple from Brazil who live in Berlin. I’ve met them enough times in hotels, airports and show to call them good friends. They are crazy (in a good way) and militant vegetarians. Speaking of hotels they don’t mess around over there. I will be spending time in the indoor pool for sure and will certainly sit by the Mediterranean. If your Maltese or on vacation there I hope you come out and do say hello in person!

“Tickets are out at €20 from PCWise, Royal Impact, Fact and selected runners. Infoline – 99909808″

For more info:


  1. Merlijn Nimmegeers December 3, 2011 at 11:03 am

    I wish I was in Malta right now.


  2. Any chance of recording the set and posting?
    I will personally send you a recording device if you wish.


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