Steinberg Model-E Returns

I really didn’t see Steinberg re-releasing some of the very first widely used VST plug-ins Model-E and VB-1. Cubase VST was one of the biggest innovations in music production. To be able to have software instruments, effects, audio recording and a MIDI sequencer all natively running was quite amazing in the mid 1990s. The first computer I owned that was capable of running the software was a Power Computing Powercenter Pro210 Mac clone. The Pro210 had a 210MHZ processor, 16MB of RAM and a 2GB hard drive. I was able to run Model-E a Moog type clone and maybe one reverb plug-in. You can hear Model-E in my remix of for David Tarrida the “Horrormone” remix. It’s the main detuned synth. The new version of Model-E is unsupported but free. Now where is my 2012 version of Neon?

“Holy crap there’s a 64 bit version of Model E (Diva faces stiff competition)” – aMUSEd

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10 thoughts on “Steinberg Model-E Returns”

  1. @Oliver Chesler ; Yes it was.. kinda reminds me the Waldorf Pulse sound, specially when “spanked” by arpeggios … For a while there was a Hack going around that pulled A1 out of cubase and into a “normal” VST Wrapper , but this was around the time I switched to MAC so I never really made much use of it.
    When Cubase 4 came out, new v. synths were added that took the place of A1, in fact when you opened and Old project everything still played pretty much the same, but the GUI changed.. and there is so much about GUI that goes into the empathy you immediately have (or not) with a synth hardware or software …
    I had a Virus C for a while, I know it is extremely powerful but I always lost more than a hour to come up with something that developed a spark in me… on the other hand something like a waldorf Pulse always made some sweet squeal after only a few minutes …!?
    The new one (PROLOGUE) .
    Monologue was also NICE and grungy …

    And the filter (with step sequencer) … damn’ suddenly I feel a few lacking thing in Ableton lol

    1. Well this is one area where software fails… in truth few of us will keep old computers with old operating systems on them hooked up to an audio interface to use. An old hardware synth sits like a best friend waiting in the closet for you to hug him again!

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