Ardán Audio Pro Speaker Stands

To avoid unwanted resonance you typically do not want to put your monitor speakers directly on your desk. Most people use floor to ear height speaker stands. If you have to have your speakers on your desk a cost effective but not quiet perfect solution is to use Auralex MoPads. Ardán Audio has come up with a slick alternative. The elevation pro™ EVP-M1 stands tilt, rotate and in my opinion look really cool. Ardán is an Irish company based in Dublin and these stands are made in Italy. The downside? $682 USD.

“Over two years in intense development, the Elevation Pro (TM) Speaker Stands are unique, patented stands for speakers, with the complete functions of vibration isolation, rotation and tilt that deliver a much improved sound from your existing speakers.” –

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One thought on “Ardán Audio Pro Speaker Stands”

  1. I live pretty near where they are – Imma go in and scab a ‘test set’ – probably not :D – they do look cool, I have Mopads myself and they did make a bit of difference deffo but those look much more ‘isolatory’. The round things you get with Genelecs look good too.

    PS respect for preserving the fada Oliver! You’d be surprised how many people even in Ireland are too lazy to put them in when their in Gaelic words.

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