Tempest Samples

Tempest Samples by iamPym

Chris aka Pym who works for Dave Smith Instruments posted the above set of samples from the Tempest. These are no substitute for the owning the real thing but it helps you get an understanding of it’s sound.

“Have you heard the samples I put up on soundcloud? Analog only, no external FX. I played some of those back to back with an 808, double blind, and they SLAM on a big sound system. Granted the snares still need some work, but I think some small envelope tweaks will help them hit a bit harder/cleaner. Played them on a very nice Function One system up here a couple weeks ago and was very happy with the bass. The really low kick (one of the last samples) was really deep, very powerful on a well tuned system, and that isn’t even as low as the Tempest can go.” – Pym

For more info: gearslutz.com/dave-smith-instruments-tempest…


  1. Good stuff….thanks! I’m about to compile a few samples for the masses of my SH-101 so watch this space….


  2. What a coincidence Oliver…Musotalk.de just had a test on it and NonEric was pretty underwhelmed !


    1. My German isn’t good enough to totally understand… so he didn’t like the unit overall?


      1. Saw this yesterday night. He gave 0 out of 5 points! :)

        His main criticisms were:

        Bad Interface (multiple pot occupancy, confusing operation modes, bad workflow)
        Bugs, unfinished Implementation (no USB, hanging notes, suddenly stopping seq..)
        Very limited sound (no punch, no sine-osc, slow envelopes, bad fx)

        I my ears this sounds like a six voice evolver pretending to be a drumsynth.
        You need a function-one system for this to sound?
        A Roland or a Jomox kicks also in the neighbors party-basement.


        1. Wow. Respect for honesty or he’s trying to get viewers. Interesting thanks.


  3. That Non Eric review is a very good review.. I really like the guy’s honesty. He also reviews gear in a entertaining way…
    For a machine as expensive as the Tempest its crazy if comes with bugs and crappy sound..


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