The Modulator playing Nitzer Ebb

Nitzer Ebb’s early and wonderful EBM track Isn’t it Funny How Your Body Works? reproduced by a DIY modular system. So here’s my proposal to the builder Henrik Nydell… make me some original patterns and I’ll scream for you! Imagine taking that beast live?

“My DIY MFOS modular – the Modulator – playing Isn’t it funny how your body works by Nitzer Ebb. The 16-step sequencer’s gate outputs trigs two ADSRs for bass drum. Clock out is sent to slave 10-step sequencer and to two ARs controlling filter cutoff and VCA. 16 step seq CV out gets patched to both VCOs. The stereo auto panner is used during the last few seconds.” – hnydell

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5 thoughts on “The Modulator playing Nitzer Ebb”

  1. Cool. Seeing greath synths in action always makes me jump =D
    There are so many great synths out there, you don’t even have to build them yourself. But I am wondering if we are not all suffering from some gear acquisition syndrom… I stocked up so many things, and now I’m trying to reduce, ’cause stuff is in my way. Honestly, a Microkorg gets very very close to what I heard in the video above.
    But yeah, I see why people like watching videos like this ;D

  2. LOVE this. I remember hearing sounds like this all through my industrial music listening days and never being able to imagine how they MADE those sounds.
    This may not be it either… but it’s pretty fantastic to watch the song emerge from this hardware.

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