Native Instruments Damage

I’m pretty excited about this plug-in. While aimed at Filmakers NI’s new plug-in Damage has my inner Einstürzende Neubauten feeling happy. Beyond the sound set the plug-in has a lot of tricks up it’s sleeve such as an Rhythmic patters, AMP sequencer, filters, compression, saturation, trigger effects (yay), 3 mic mixer, etc… $339 and 30GB of space required will keep the amateurs away which is a plus. Be sure to check out the sound sources gallery on the NI site to see all the places they went to record all the klanging.

“Dark, aggressive, thrilling and threatening — DAMAGE is breathtaking cinematic percussion with a tense, epic edge. DAMAGE gives you 30 GB of drama, fusing industrial sounds and orchestral drums into a devastating electro-acoustic barrage. Percussive Kits provide more than 200 deeply sampled percussion sources, and over 500 single-shot elements, recorded in up to seven velocity layers and with up to nine round-robins per drum. Over 700 beat-sliced loops come as menu-style loop suites or as single loops for detailed tweaking. Even the most complex sounds are instantly usable, and it’s all in hair-raising, big-screen quality.” – Native Instruments

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  1. “$339 and 30GB of space required will keep the amateurs away which is a plus”

    you are the amateur since you need a 339$ plug-in to sound like Neubaten. you clearly don’t get it do you?


    1. Not everyone has oil drums or car windshields at their disposal. Chill, dude.


  2. Sounds awesome… Impressive sized library… Can’t wait to get my hands on the little baby! Nice review Oliver. Cheers.


  3. You had me at “inner Neubauten:.


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