Vestax VCI-400

I’ve DJed on and off over the years and recently I picked up a Traktor S4. I love the thing. Native Instruments really has the software and hardware working together in a dreamlike manner. With the Sample Decks it’s also very interesting from a producer’s standpoint. What you see above is Vestax’s answer to the S4 the VCI-400. It does much of the same with a few differences. You can easily switch out the faders, the filter knob has a light when it’s on and some other niceties. The S4 is probably still the best choice for most people though. The new VCI will be available early next year.

“At about 2 inches shorter than the s4, the VCI-400 strikes a nice balance of being well spaced but looking reasonably portable. It will fit in more backpacks and conveys a nice solid look that feels at home next to turntables and mixers. Most other plastic controllers do seem a bit out of place in the rugged and utilitarian dj environment.” –

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