1980s Recording Studio

Here’s some proof I have been making music a long time. I’m the one in black of course next to Peter Lopez and Jay Serken. I don’t know that exact year but it’s somewhere in the late 80s. The photo was taken at Suny Purchase in one of the music building’s practice rooms. Imagine sequencing on an IBM PC? You don’t know how good you have it these days. The Roland Juno-106 in the photo was later stolen. This photo is also proof that extreme hair styles dont make you go bald (I still have a full head of hair). Before you ask… no I never smiled back then.

“Suny Purchase offers a unique education that combines programs in the liberal arts with conservatory programs in the arts in ways that emphasize inquiry, mastery of skills, and creativity. It is dedicated to creating opportunities for transformative learning and training in a community where disciplines connect, intersect, and enhance one another. Purchase College is included in the Princeton Review’s Best 371 Colleges (2010)” – Wikipedia

photo credit: Josh Saitz

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12 Responses to “1980s Recording Studio”

  1. You look like Bill Leeb’s angry brother =o]

  2. Gmez says:

    is that Roland Microwave for IBM PC? the web is silent about that system – no photos or anything, just one ad poster

  3. mindstate says:

    I wonder how many college music studios out there still look like this one (minus the haircuts).

    • True! Although I remember someone telling me Suny Purchase was robbed a few times (sad). I had the best time hanging out in those studios and it’s where I really learned how to make music.

  4. Nathan says:

    but dude… I still sequence using an IBM PC, just one made some 20 years later!

  5. GaryG says:

    Yamaha Rex50 multi fx?

  6. Awesome hair is awesome.

  7. Davezilla says:

    Ghod, I was doing music then, too. Same hair (except I went bottle green. All hail Manic Panic). I was rocking an ARP Odyssey Mark II and a Roland TR-606 back then.

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