Gieskes HSS3i

HSS3i by thingstocome

A few weeks ago I purchased a Hard Soft Synth 3i or HSS3i from Bleep Labs. It’s a creation of a Dutch man know as Gieskes. The unit creates analog video and audio. As you can hear in the recording I made above it’s quite interesting. You will know instantly if your the type of person who will like this thing. It’s very THX1138. For some more photos of what you get: click here. Expect to see some of the video output from the HSS3i in my live shows.

“The Hard Soft Synth 3i is an indescribable audio / video generator by noisemaker extraordinaire, Gieskes.” – Bleep Labs

For more info:


  1. Very cool. I have about 1/3 of the work done on my hss3i kit. As soon as I get it all together and working, I’ll make and post a few videos of the results.

    – Steve


    1. Great I want to hear/see what you do. As you can see from my near perfect build… I didn’t do it myself ;)


  2. The future of Horrorist music videos?


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