Joyless Pleasure Remixes

Joyless Pleasure – The Remixes (Sampler) – The Horrorist by thingstocome

My last full length album was released in May (The Horrorist, Joyless Pleasure). Before this year is up I will release a remixed version. All the remixes are in and I hope to finalize the artwork this weekend and get it off to download stores and the CD duplicator. I put together a quick sampler of some of the mixes above. Everyone did a great job including some readers of this blog.

1. I Stand with You – Haujobb remix
2. Modern – Steinkind remix
3. Love Sick – Tomas Tulpe remix
4. We Will Get Wicked – Miss Duckin’ remix
5. I Stand with You – Raytrace remix
6. Hostage – Miro Pajic remix
7. I Stand with You – Millimetric Remix

There’s more… more remixes on the download album/CD when it is released later this year!

“joyless pleasure is like a jewelry piece but in electronic music.” –

photo credit: Daniel Fogg


  1. Great news! :) Will it may be released on CD in Germany together with the original mixes?


    1. We are working on that. Thanks for being patient!


  2. I am excited!!!!

    I am though very worried by your choice of wording “My Last Full length album”. I hope you mean your latest creation and not your last last creation!


    1. Ah no… just my most recent!


  3. cool stuff man – really glad to see it is appearing on physical media also :D \o/


  4. can’t wait to see my work on the cd! :D


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