We Dress in Black

Another video example of a world I once lived in. What has been exploited and homogenized by Hot Topic’s in Malls across America once was underground and newsworthy. I think I need to raid my mothers closet again soon!

“Go inside this secret place tonight where black is in and the music is industrial strength and it’s always Halloween. On this Friday night we are going to take you to a nightclub you probably never knew existed. It’s a place where they dress in black and dance to Industrial Disco.” – Channel 9, Orlando


  1. Classic….
    Those of us in south georgia/north florida in the 80’s had Einstein a Go-Go on Jacksonville Beach. i met my wife there in ’89 at a Book of Love show…..dressed in black of course.


  2. Wow, I just bought American Soviets out of nostalgia for places like this right before watching this. Amazing to hear that track in a local newsreport from that decade. Cracks me up that the kids here wouldn’t look that out of place in this decade, but the newscasters… Good lord.


    1. That’s an interesting observation! Who’s the freaks now? :)


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