Nightclub 1987

Let’s go out tonight ok? The seven videos in the playlist above show pretty much exactly what the clubs I went to in 1987 were like. This club happened to be in San Diego California but it really doesn’t matter. The music, hair, clothes and dance style were true to the NY area too. Enjoy!

“Stratus Dance Club was the premier alcohol-free young adult nightclub in Southern California from 1978 to 1987. Located in Casa de Oro – the foothills of Mt. Helix , Stratus catered to high-school and college students from San Diego County to as far north as Los Angeles.” –

For more info:

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9 Responses to “Nightclub 1987”

  1. Maria 909 says:

    why no black people oliver?

  2. Maria 909 says:

    also you crazy kids listened to alot of the same music us guidos listened to in bklyn at the same time :) just sayin……….

  3. Schwarzkopff says:

    the first vinyl i bought from the Horrorist have a pics of you with yellow hair….

    perhaps from this time too ????

  4. Raytrace says:

    haha it may have been ‘alcohol free’ but a few of the kids in that video are definitely looking more than a little ‘peaky’ :p

  5. Ed says:

    Can anyone i.d. the track playing from 26 sec to 1:27 ?

  6. tazzaler says:

    Ahh the days when the clubs people were all unique and the Soviet Union was still kicking

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